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SMS BomberAn app for Windows Phone 7 called SMS Bomber has just been released online, so be wary of being flooded with a barrage of messages from any of your mischievous WP7-using friends. Just in case you were wondering- no, the app isn’t available for download on the Windows Marketplace but you can get it from the developer’s website if you have an unlocked WP7 phone (either a developer phone or with a hack). All you have to do is enter a user’s number in, choose how many messages you want to send, and what you want the messages to say. Then hit send. A function like this would most probably jam older feature phones that can only receive a very limited amount of messages, and will probably mess up new smartphones too. Take note though if you plan to use the app- unless you have an unlimited texting plan, sending 140 texts will probably rack up a nice phone bill at the end of the month. And some telcos might not take spamming other users too lightly. Head here to download SMS Bomber.

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