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oneplus-x-ceramicThe OnePlus X might be in your hands already (assuming you have had an invite), but then it is very possible that it was only one of two versions. After all, what has been released to date has been the glass variation, which means the other model that has yet to hit the market would be the ceramic edition of the OnePlus X, where no doubt this will be a limited edition model.

It remains unknown as to how one will be able to pick this model up, but then again it is also safe to make the assumption that one will also need an invitation to obtain one, too. After all, this is OnePlus that we are talking about. The Ceramic edition of the OnePlus X will cost £269 or €369 a pop, depending on which part of the world you reside in. This particular variation of the handset will not go on sale in North America, and there will only be 10,000 units manufactured.

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