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oneplus2-4gb-ramJust like clockwork and on cue, the OnePlus 2 smartphone actually went on open sale in India yesterday where it happened between noon to 1.00pm. For those who did not manage to pick up a unit in that part of the world during such a specific time window, fret not – opportunity might knock but once, but lady luck’s smiling on you this time around, which is why it looks like there is one more chance for you to grab it as there is a OnePlus 2 listing over on Amazon India, opening a door for you to pick up the handset without the need for an invite.

It remains to be seen just how many of these OnePlus 2 units are available in the open sale, and neither did OnePlus mention just how long will this sale be on Amazon. So far, we do know that the 64GB Sandstone Black variant of this smartphone has been listed for approximately $385 after conversion as at press time.

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