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OnePlus might have just announced their latest smartphone, which is known as the OnePlus X, but this does not mean that it has not forgotten all about software. Their latest app would be a photo app, where it will be known as Reflexion, and you will be able to download it not only for the Android but iOS platform as well.

The video above would be able to do a far better job in explaining just what Reflexion is all about, where it will allow you to come up with all kinds of illusions using reflections – or in this case, “reflexions”, at least according to the folks over at OnePlus. It will offer a unique perspective of its own, and will deliver some really interesting images. Right now, it looks as though the app enables you to grab an image with the front camera, while the back camera will also shoot another photo – hence a “reflexion”.

There is no actual purpose that has been defined for this app just yet, but perhaps we might find out later? It is definitely artsy for sure!

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