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When it comes to testing the durability of a smartphone, it can be quite a challenge, really, as well as one that actually stops the hearts when a perfectly good and working phone (and most of the time, expensive, too – seriously, who would want to see a Nokia 3310 experience a drop test?) is put through some rather abusive moments. Most of the time, such drop tests too, will involve flagship models, and the BlackBerry Passport comes under scrutiny here, having had to go through a very unconventional scenario – including its front being hit with a hammer.

The BlackBerry Passport more or less comes out of the situation with flying colors, even when it is thrown across a baseball field, undergoing a 20-foot drop over rocks as it falls on its back, before another 20-foot drop test is done that sees it land on the glass side down – which translates to a broken display. Despite all of this, the handset simply continues to work – how wonderful is that?

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