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porsche-redesignBlackBerry has made a name for itself over the years when it comes to the corporate smartphone scene, and while the company has fallen on rather difficult times in recent memory, this does not mean that they are going to throw in the towel just like that. Word on the street has it that one of their more posh offerings (and by that, I mean handsets that carry a price tag of $2,000 thereabouts), the Porsche Design P’9982, is well on its way to receive a refresh.

The refresh will be cosmetic, or so it seems, where one will be able to choose from black on black from early next month onward. Of course, if you are also the patient kind who can wait a wee bit longer, starting from the middle of next month, you too, can pick from additional color options such as black on cognac/red/aquagreen. It all really depends on whether you have a couple of grand to spare, really, and nobody will fault you if you would want your handset to come in the most gaudy of colors possible. There are also rumors that the refreshed Porsche Design P’9982 will be powered by BlackBerry 10.3 that will include BlackBerry Assistant, so let us wait and see.

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