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lg-g4-giftcardSo, you are mulling over the very real possibility of actually picking up a LG G4 smartphone when the handset arrives later next month. Well, there are many different mobile carriers to choose from, actually, but if you would like to “gain” $100 in the process, then here is an avenue that you might want to consider exploring – Best Buy is offering the LG G4 from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint – whether on or off contract, and each pre-order will arrive with a $100 gift card, now how about that?

In addition to that $100 gift card which should serve as a very suitable carrot on the stick, the LG G4, should it be picked up from any major carrier or authorized retailer across the US before June 21, will also see you be on the receiving end of a free 32GB microSD memory card, an additional battery, apart from a battery charging cradle, now how about that for customer satisfaction?

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