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LG-logoSo, you have seen just what the different smartphone manufacturers have managed to come up with where their various handsets are concerned now that the dust of Mobile World Congress 2015 has settled. Has anything there caught your fancy, so much so that you would need to rush out and pick up the Galaxy S6, or would you be willing to sit tight and wait for something else, perhaps the LG G4, when it arrives later this spring? After all, LG has already set a 10 million units sales target for the LG G4 this year.

This is extremely optimistic to say the least, especially when you consider how the LG G3, a smartphone that was released in June last year, had not even sold that number of units, mustering a range of approximately 6 to 7 million units so far. LG looks set to do their bit by putting in extra promotional effort throughout various key locations in Europe, the US, and Korea.

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