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mi5-fingerprintThe Xiaomi Mi 5 has not yet been revealed to the masses, although you can be sure that there has been quite a whole lot of buzz surrounding it so far. Well, some of the rumors do point to the likes of a Snapdragon 820 processor running underneath the hood, in addition to a pleasing 5.3″ Quad HD display, plenty of RAM at 4GB, and a 16MP OIS camera that ought to pack quite a punch when it comes to performance.

Not only that, it has been said that Xiaomi does not want to lose out on the arms race, which is why they threw in a USB Type-C port – of course, all of the above mentioned happens to be nothing but a pipe dream until the real deal is revealed, which should happen sooner rather than later. Apart from that, an alleged leaked image of the Xiaomi Mi 5 that you see above points to the very real possibility of it arriving with a fingerprint scanner. Patience would reveal all, dear reader.

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