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morefeatures-youtube-20110120Google intends to maintain a competitive edge when it comes to their iOS and Android apps of YouTube, and in an effort to promote additional viewing without losing your attention, two new overlay options have been made available for content creators that can already be implemented in your YouTube videos, as these features are found on the Android and iOS YouTube apps.

Content creators can now add overlays to one’s videos, which will then be able to offer a suggestion to your users to check out another video, and following that, yet another video, in a virtually infinite loop as long as your time, battery life, and data plan permits. Of course, your interest level will need to hold, too. InVideo Programming and Call-to-Action Overlays are the two new options, where the former lets you automatically add overlays to videos, while the latter is made available to advertisers at the beginning, although eventually all channel operators will also gain access to that.

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