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iphone-6Anything about the next generation iPhone is a surefire way to attract attention, never mind if your name is Samsung or Nokia. The thing is, iPhones are such hits regardless of the generation where it was released in, and we more or less know for sure that the iPhone 5s is not the last iPhone from Cupertino ever unless the world ends today, and there should be an iPhone 6 down the road. What you see above happens to be one of the initial reports that point to a possible iPhone 6 chassis, where it suggests that the upcoming device will still not break the 5” screen size barrier, but rather, start with a 4.7” display with a very thin body.

If you ask me, this is but a fake iPhone 6 chassis, but who knows? Stranger things have happened in the past. What do you think of the metal housing that you see above? Should it be true, it will be extremely slim, and would most probably cost a bomb too, when it is released.

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