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lg-g2-whiteAre you rocking to AT&T, and are in need to choose a new phone since your previous 2-year contract is about to run out? Well, we have possible good news for you if you have set your eyes on the LG Optimus G Pro (yes, so it is not the most updated device, but it is still a decent handset by any means) and have always wanted the white colored version (which was released internationally) instead of the jet black model available on AT&T for $99 with a new 2-year contract, then @evleaks might have the heads up on you.

What you see above is an alleged press image of the LG Optimus G Pro on AT&T, and yes, it does come in a shade of white, complete with the AT&T logo proudly emblazoned on the front and back. Hopefully additional information about this particular handset can be revealed in due time in an official manner.

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