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How tough can tough get, when it comes to smartphones? Most of the time, we coddle our smartphones as though they were some sort of extremely fragile device, that needs to be protected against knocks, drops, splashes of water, and even scratches – otherwise how else do you explain the massive profits made in the third party accessories market that is full of screen protectors and smartphone cases? Well, Kyocera might have a solution in the form of the Brigadier comes with what they call a Sapphire Shield display, which is touted to be extremely tough.

The Kyocera Brigadier certainly went through a whole lot of voluntary punishment in the video above with regards to its display, and we are pleased to take note that it has managed to pass through the rigorous tests with flying colors, and then some. I suppose this is one of the rarer instances where a particular invention actually lives up to its claims of being “virtually scratchproof”.

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