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tmobile-iphone-april-12T-Mobile is the only carrier out of the four major carriers to not offer the iPhone, or at least that was before because T-Mobile has officially announced that they will now be offering Apple’s iPhone 5 as part of their new mobile plan. The carrier announced that the iPhone 5 can be had for a mere $99, which sounds pretty low, and instead of it being a subsidized device where the customer has to just pay for their mobile plan every month, T-Mobile’s new carrier plans are basically an installment plan of sorts. What this means is that while you will not be tied to 2-year mobile phone contracts, customers are expected to pay a downpayment of $99, and make monthly repayments of $20 over the course of 20 months. We’re not sure if this will end up being more expensive than if it were to be bought on contract, but the fact that there’s no commitment (apart from paying the phone off) might be an attractive solution for some.

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