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fullforceforiphonebannerDon’t you hate it when you download apps on your iPhone 5 only to find out that the developer has not bothered updating the app to comply with the iPhone 5’s 4″ display? While the black iPhone 5 might not be such as issue, since the black letterboxing is kind of hidden, but on white iPhone 5s this can get pretty ugly. Either way you’re in luck because if you have recently jailbroken your iPhone 5, a tweak called FullForce will basically take iPhone 4/4S apps and stretches it to fit the iPhone 5’s display. This app is developed by famed iOS developer, Ryan Petrich, and basically what it does is that it detects when an app launch is not optimized for the 4″ display and prompts you if you want to enable to tweak. This can be enabled or disabled at will which is good because not all apps will look good stretched, but based on the screenshot above, it looks like the tweak does a pretty decent job! It is available via the BigBoss repository for $0.99, so what are you waiting for?

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