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att-htc-one-exclusiveSmartphones these days come with an awful lot of internal memory, and it is only a matter of time before we get to see a 128GB version of a smartphone out there, especially when you see more and more 64GB models start to make an entrance into this highly competitive market. Sure, you can always choose to augment your device’s memory capacity by throwing in a cheap microSD memory card, but why bother doing so when you can have that kind of storage space outright with your initial purchase? Prospective HTC One owners in the US can look forward to a 64GB HTC One, although this particular model looks set to be made available only from AT&T Wireless, and no other mobile carrier.

Too bad there are no additional details that will surely pique the interest of many, including its pricing details and availability, but something deep down in our gut tells us that April should be just about ripe for a rollout.

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