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Mario must be a pretty busy plumber in the world of hardware and software, considering the number of leaks that he ought to fix that we have seen in our years of covering the technology industry. Heck, even the video game world alone is more than enough to keep him busy. Well, the latest leak that hails from Microsoft’s French support site does have references to “Excel for iPad,” “PowerPoint for iPad,” and “Office Mobile for iPhone”, which would more or less confirm earlier speculation that versions of Microsoft Office for iOS and Android will be rolling out sometime in early 2013.

Microsoft’s French support site has apparently made references to Office for iOS applications which have been incorrectly applied when it comes to support documents. For example, the site noted that a document which has to do with addressing custom numeric formats in Excel has been tagged as applying to Excel 2013 in the US, but on the French site, it was tagged for Excel for iPad. What do you make of this particular rumor?

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