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multiwindowAT&T is clearly in the last position when it comes to delivering the Multi-Window support for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 when you compare it to the other three major US carriers, but like the adage goes – better late than never, right? This particular feature is pretty much self-explanatory – as the user, you are able to split the display into two, and make use of both apps simultaneously. This update is said to arrive on the Galaxy Note 2 in an Over The Air (OTA) format, so do not fret if your Galaxy Note 2 on AT&T’s network has yet to see it, all it takes is a little bit more patience. After all, if you have already waited so long, what is wrong with waiting a little bit more?

Multi-tasking on your Galaxy Note 2 might be worth looking into, with 5.5” of viewing display for you to play around with. AT&T mentioned, “AT&T plans to begin rolling out a software update for Samsung Galaxy Note II customers that includes the Multi-Window feature, which allows the user to divide the screen into two active “windows” creating a split screen that enables fluid multitasking between applications. The update will be available for download over the air beginning Dec. 27.”

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