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Hurricane Sandy did do a number on the east coast of the US, and we have seen the triumph of the individual human spirit amidst the swathe of destruction that happened. This time around, we are looking at a couple of corporate bigwigs – namely AT&T and T-Mobile who joined forces, helping their customers in both New York and New Jersey to remain in touch with one another during the aftermath of Sandy. Both carriers will be opening up their networks to each others’ customers in the two mentioned states, offering free roaming in the process.

Customers can always place class as usual, although these calls will be carried by whichever network that has currently the most operational status within the vicinity. AT&T and T-Mobile aim to deliver seamless interoperability thanks to relying on similar GSM and UMTS-based wireless backbones for both their voice and data networks. It is always nice to see humankind looking out for one another during times of trouble – pass me a tissue please, someone.

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