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You can say that at time of publishing, if you have already given up on both Android and iOS and do not want to return to BlackBerry, then the only other “real” option that you have when it comes to a smartphone operating system would be Windows Phone 8. Just in case you are up for this new mobile operating system from Microsoft, then you can head on over to Best Buy’s page and choose from either the Nokia Lumia 920 or the HTC 8X, where both of them will run on AT&T’s network.

The Nokia Lumia 920 will come in yellow, red, white, cyan and black colors, retailing for $149.99 with a new activation, while the HTC 8X is the cheaper option at $99.99 for a new activation. If you prefer to get either one of the two in an unlocked state, then you will have to learn to dig deep – I am talking about up to $599.99 deep.

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