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Xperia Ion

Looking for a new smartphone? Sony does have its fair share of smartphones coming your way, and one of them would be the Sony Xperia ion which has been slated to be an AT&T exclusive this coming June 24th. Just how much do you need to fork out for the Sony Xperia ion? We are looking at being attached to a new 2-year contract for $99.99, and at least you will be able to take advantage of AT&T’s 4G network using this smartphone.

The Sony Xperia ion is said to be Sony’s first 4G LTE smartphone that will sport a 4.6-inch HD Reality display (1280 x 720 resolution), allowing you to view HDMI content of your device on a big screen TV if that is your cup of tea. Of course, this HDMI connection also paves the way for the Xperia ion to work it’s TV launcher, a customizable home screen carousel of application shortcuts.

Other hardware specifications include a 12-megapixel Fast Capture camera, SmartTags support, Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) support, a 1.5GHz dual core processor, 16GB of internal memory, a microSD memory card slot, and is PlayStation Certified for high quality mobile gaming. [Press Release]

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