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Mobile service provider AT&T has announced its intentions pertaining to a consumer home automation and security suite of services that will undergo a trial period this summer. The services which are apparently under the “AT&T Digital Life” category is said to be controlled via mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch will also be able to used via a web browser. Reports indicate that the system will allow users to control home features such as thermostats settings in different rooms individually, power outlets, garage doors, lighting and others.

On top of that, the service will also bring a feature for users to keep an eye out on their home’s security with the ability to turn on features at home when you are away. In addition, what is deemed the headline feature of the suite of services is that ability to detect water leaks with the carrier claiming that their service is unique in that a user can “take-action” to turn off their home’s water supply to stop a leak. Although the service itself is installed and managed by AT&T, non-customers are also apparently fully supported and can run on any carrier. The trials which are said to begin this summer will start first in Dallas and Atlanta.

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