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ATT towers

There have been many complaints with regards to reception primarily from AT&T users, but it seems that the carrier is trying to sort things out and they want to show their loyal customers that they are not standing idly by and letting complaints fall on deaf ears. AT&T has launched a website that will illustrate where AT&T cell phone towers are around you to a distance of 2500metres.

The interactive map shows upgrades that have been instituted, broadband speeds and network connections in several areas (not everywhere is covered yet). While AT&T allegedly does lead the way in dropped calls, these upgrades shown can only mean betterment for users around the U.S. As illustrated above, is an example of what to expect if your area has been covered by the carrier yet.

Above is what can be seen in the New York site and to make matters even better, AT&T has created a Twitter account for just NYC (maybe your area in the future) for users to keep up with the latest speed and network issues in the area. To visit the website, you can click on this link. Is your area covered yet?

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