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The Windows Phone by Nokia has begun to outsell Nokia’s older Symbian devices over the past few months according to a study conducted by research firm, Kantar Worldpanel. Of all the mobile phone purchasers interviewed over the last 3 months, 2.5% said that they had purchased a Lumia phone while 2.4% bought Nokia’s older variant, a Symbian device. Among all the Lumia purchasers, a whopping 87% bought the Lumia 800.

On the contrary however, leaving the good news of a Nokia phone selling a different Nokia phone, the percentage of market share the Nokia Windows Phone holds is still in desperate waters as the major shares are held by Apple and Android devices. This problem underlines Nokia Windows Phones problem when competing in the high-end smartphone market. Nokia will need to move quickly to increase its market share across Europe as they are not helped by Symbian OS which has seen its market shares drop to a single digit percentile across Europe.

As far as U.S is concerns though, Nokia sells its more affordable Lumia 710 through T-Mobile USA and AT&T plans to put the LTE-capable Lumia 900 in the coming months.

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