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We know that Verizon will be bringing in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, although when exactly remains a bit of a mystery for now. Will Verizon have exclusivity over the Galaxy Nexus? A recent question posted on AT&T’s Google+ account has us wondering if the carrier has plans to bring in the Galaxy Nexus as well.

It seems that many AT&T subscribers have been asking the carrier if they will be bringing in the device, but not to worry as AT&T has acknowledged your requests. They seem to be conducting some sort of poll on their Google+ account where they are asking how many users would be interested in an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Could this mean that if there’s enough demand, AT&T will be bringing the Galaxy Nexus on board?

Given that AT&T’s network supports both HSPA+ and 4G LTE (recently), it would indeed be very possible for the carrier to bring in either the HSPA+ or 4G LTE model that Verizon will be carrying.

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