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Mid-range and 4G does not seem to jive at first, but I guess that will be more and more the trend in the future as folks jump aboard the 4G bandwagon. Now, there are many definitions of what a 4G connection should be like, so read our 4G primer if you’re still confused at what is true blue 4G connectivity, while others are merely labeled as such without offering actual 4G speeds.

Samsung might be looking to further expand their market share in the world of Android smartphones by offering a new mid-range 4G Android-powered smartphone which is said to arrive at AT&T. The equivalent over at T-Mobile would be the Samsung Exhibit 4G, while Sprint’s WiMAX network has the Samsung Conquer 4G. What about AT&T? We are looking at the Samsung Double Time which is said to come with an 800MHz TI processor, a 3″ HVGA display, as well as AT&T’s 3G bands and quadband GSM support.

I’m peturbed that this smartphone is said to be released with Android 2.2 FroYo out of the box – don’t you think this is rather strange considering how everyone is chewing on Gingerbread these days?

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