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If you’re interested in getting Google Wallet onto your Nexus S, but you’re not on Sprint, here’s the good news. Thanks to a ROM you will now be able to install the Nexus S 4G’s ROM onto your current Nexus S and make use of Google Wallet. Naturally this would require your device to be rooted, so if you haven’t rooted your device and you don’t know how, perhaps waiting for Google to officially make Google Wallet available for your Nexus S seems like a good idea. However if you have a rooted device, you will be able to grab the custom ROM off XDA forums here.

Considering that Google and MasterCard will be giving free $10 credit for Google Wallet adopters, we’re not sure how they would feel about non-authorized (i.e. non-Sprint) Nexus S devices receiving that amount too, especially since it would be tantamount to stealing. Perhaps treading lightly here would be a good idea.

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