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Interested in getting your hands on a budget HTC device? Well if the rumors of the HTC Pico are true, then perhaps in the near future you will be able to get your hands on the device. Thanks to photo leaks, we now know what the HTC Pico could look like, and we have to say that we aren’t too impressed.

Its specs are nothing to shout about either and it seems to be the HTC Wildfire with a new casing. It has been said to feature a 600MHz processor, 384MB of RAM, 3.2” display and a 5MP camera. The good news that it will at the very least be running on Android’s Gingerbread 2.3.

Given its specs it appears that it will most likely be a budget-friendly Android device, probably even low-end, but I suppose that is good news for those unwilling to blow a wad of cash for a higher-end Android device.

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