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If you have been meaning to get your hands on Nokia’s Windows Phone handsets, the good news is that the slightly more affordable Nokia Lumia 710 has started to ship according to the Finnish handset manufacturer. The phone is expected to retail for €270 (~$360) unlocked and is almost half that of its more expensive sibling, the Lumia 800. Of course getting it on contract could be cheaper, but an unlocked alternative could be favored by those who travel often.

So when can expect to see the Lumia 710 arrive stateside? Well, if T-Mobile and Nokia’s event that will be held next week on the 14th is any indication, it could be soon, although we wouldn’t put it past T-Mobile and Nokia to start selling the device early January 2012. If you’re looking forward to Nokia’s Windows Phone offerings, check back with us next week on the 14th of December for more news on what Nokia and T-Mobile’s event revealed.

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