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A little over a month ago we reported on a company called TabCo. Unfortunately not much is known about the company other than the fact that the company has plans to launch a tablet with a new operating system that is designed to revolutionize the tablet world. There is some speculation that TabCo is just a front for a larger company and Nokia was one of the suspects, mainly because the company has no tablets to date and to be fair a MeeGo based tablet will indeed be different from all the other offerings.

Anyway the company has recently launched a teaser video which doesn’t really say much, although a glimpse of the tablet was seen. Granted it was a 3D rendering, some are already speculating that the tablet will be in the 10” variety.

TabCo has plans to show off its new tablet come 15th of August so I guess we won’t have to wait long to see which big company is pulling the strings behind the mysterious TabCo.

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