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Lumia-830-goldenCompanies ought to take note of what make their target markets tick – and when it comes to gadgets and mobile devices, it does seem as though the presence of gold would play an important role in shifting units. Microsoft has caught on to this particular preference, and it looks as though there will be golden editions of the Lumia 930 and the Lumia 830.

These handsets will be sold in select markets all over Europe, Asia, and Africa, and if you happen to live in the US, it looks like the only way to get one at the moment would be to rely on an import. Of course, the Lumia 930 Gold and Lumia 830 Gold will arrive in white and black variants, with golden accents, to boot. Do bear in mind that no real gold can be mined here, as they happen to be nothing more than a paint job.

Expect the black Lumia 930 Gold to arrive later this week, as the white model will be out before the month is over. The Lumia 830 Gold will require a little bit more patience, however, as it will be February only when Microsoft releases this model, and pricing will be determined by the individual operators in the respective countries.
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