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rm137It is not every day that you see a rare device which never made it to the market surface, and here we are greeted by a particularly rare prototype from Nokia, where it carries the model number RM- 137, otherwise known as the Nokia E80 if it were to make its way to the market all of those years ago.

The Nokia E80, as mentioned above, did not manage to be released on an official basis, but one cannot but help get the feeling that this is a divergence in its design, being a hybrid device of the Communicator series, sporting a keyboard which would not be too far off the mark from that of a Nokia N900, while the special hinge design does seem to remind us of the flagship (back then) Nokia N97 and N97 Mini. All in all, there are many reasons as to why a particular device did not manage to make its way to the market – but we are unable to figure this mystery out.

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