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The Blackberry Playbook is a fantastic piece of hardware and it should have done a lot better than it has given its fluidity and capability of handling videos and graphic intensive games. However we’re guessing that due to its lack of native apps and support for Blackberry devices (requires an app to accomplish this) could be one of the reasons behind why it did not do as well as RIM had hoped.

According to a leaked document, it appears that the Playbook will be getting an update from current version 1.0.7 to 1.0.8 by the end of September. While not much is known about what will be coming in the update, we can expect that the WiFi bug that has been plaguing Playbook owners will be fixed, and hopefully we will start seeing native apps being supported as well?

Interestingly enough the leaked document also shows the Acer T500 tablet that is currently running on Windows 7, but come 2013 it will be upgraded to “8”, which we’re guessing is referring to Microsoft’s upcoming, tablet-centric Windows 8?

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