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Only last week we reported that Verizon’s 4G LTE devices will not be able to work on other networks, meaning if you took a Verizon device and unlocked it, and decide to hop on over to AT&T, you’ll find yourself with a device that will not be able to function as a phone.

Now it seems that not only is this an issue for Verizon customers looking to switch carriers, but it also affects current Verizon users who travel frequently and may want to roam on another country’s carrier’s 4G LTE network. While we’re not sure why anyone would be willing to pay an exorbitant sum of money for data roaming, we’re guessing that there are users who do, and the bad news is that should they travel to another country who has 4G LTE, their Verizon phones will not be able to make use of the blazing 4G LTE connectivity speeds.

This isn’t really Verizon’s fault as LTE frequencies are varied from network to network, and country to country, although we’re hoping that perhaps in the future, 4G LTE roaming will be possible and cheaper too.

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