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Samsung Galaxy Tab too small? Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 too big? If you prefer getting the Samsung Galaxy 8.9 instead as a happy middle to the 7-inch and 10.1-inch models, it looks like you may not have to wait too long for the tablet to come your way. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 has been spotted at the FCC carrying AT&T’s radios, which means AT&T should be the carrier that will be bringing the Galaxy Tab 8.9 to us.

The previous rumors had suggested that the Galaxy Tab 8.9 was facing some shortage on components, hence the delay. That does not mean that it’s not true, as the FCC filing can always be revised later on. Either way it’s still a good sign to know that those in the States will be seeing the Galaxy Tab 8.9 at some point, and that we have not been forgotten.

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