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Samsung_logoThey say that good things come to those who wait, but once in a while, a Murphy would pop up and ruin the entire scenario. Case in point – it has been whispered before that both the Samsung Galaxy E5 and Galaxy E7 would be given the Android Lollipop upgrade some time in the third quarter of the year, and now that we are already in the third quarter and nothing has been shown, perhaps it is time to get some clarification.

Samsung UK picked up such a question on Twitter, and replied using the same medium, citing that Lollipop development for the Galaxy E7 was dropped – without any reason given at all. What is more surprising would be the fact that the Galaxy E5 and Galaxy E7 come with nearly identical specifications, where the Galaxy E7 sports even more RAM, so what gives that it will not receive some Lollipop goodness?

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