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According to recent iPhone 4S/5 rumors, it seems that AT&T has reportedly been testing out the next generation iPhone on their network. Apparently the prototype handsets were handed out to selected AT&T beta testers on the 6th of July, and they’re currently being tested for signal strength and connectivity. Some have speculated that this is because they’re hoping to avoid another antenna issue that has plagued the iPhone 4 when it was first launched.

These rumors of testing seems to line up nicely with the job offers that Apple has put out for “iPhone specialists”, which starts in the UK come late August. It is also the time that many have speculated that the next generation iPhone will be announced. I guess it’s not that too far fetched to think that AT&T might have gotten their hands on a prototype and are currently testing it out. After all, launching a device which will be plagued by network and connectivity issues will definitely cost Apple more than a couple of sales.

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