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Out of all the carriers currently operating in the United States, none have been so vocal about the merger between AT&T and T-Mobile as Sprint has been, openly voicing their displeasure, formally filing a request to the FTC to prevent said merger. Sprint is one of the major carriers in the US that will stand to lose the most should the merger go through, at one point saying that if it does go through, Sprint will need to be bought out if it hopes to survive in what will essentially be a duopoly.

So now Sprint, perhaps in a bid to change their strategy from working against AT&T and T-Mobile, has decide to help AT&T by pointing out the various solutions that they can employ in order to increase their spectrum, an alternative to merging with T-Mobile. Sprint said in a statement:

AT&T could increase its capacity by developing its warehoused spectrum, accelerating its 4G network buildout, and implementing a more efficient network architecture.

The statement however was not looked upon too kindly by AT&T who fired back saying:

A company that has outsourced the management of its own network shouldn’t be giving advice to others.

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