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The HTC Status as we all know will be arriving on AT&T this summer. For those who aren’t aware, the HTC Status is actually the HTC ChaCha. Hardware wise they’re pretty much alike, both with QWERTY keyboards (looking very much like the Blackberry) and a dedicated Facebook share button, and comes loaded up with Android Gingerbread 2.3. It is also integrated with Facebook, in case you missed out the “F” Facebook icon on the device.

Price and availability is unknown but AT&T is inviting you to “Like” the page. According to their status update, “pricing and availability is coming soon.” We’re guessing that they will be announcing it on their Facebook page, so if you’ve been meaning to get your hands on the HTC Status, head on down to their Facebook page and “Like” it to keep yourself updated, or you could check back with us again for updates.

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