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If you’ve been following our site you would have come across several posts that we did about Pantech, most noticeably about their “super phone” the Vega Racer. Well good news for US fans because it looks like Pantech will be delivering their very first Android smartphone to the US under AT&T and it will be dubbed as the Pantech Crossover, a rather fitting name.

The Pantech Crossover will feature a 600MHz processor and runs on Android 2.2 Froyo. There is also a 3 megapixel non-autofocus camera on the back with video recording capabilities. It also comes with a 2GB microSD card pre-installed although it could support up to 32GB.

Earlier we reported that AT&T’s roadmap schedule had been leaked and in that leaked document there was a Pantech phone except it was titled Pantech Bannik P8000 that featured Android’s Froyo 2.2 and a 3MP, so could that just be the code name for the Pantech Crossover?

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