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WiFi-only Motorola XOOM?

A new Motorola device has made its way to the FCC and it sports a FCC ID similar to a Motorola device that passed through earlier this week (that was rumored to be the 3G-XOOM Android tablet). The device has the FCC ID IHDT56MT1, which is a “wireless tablet with embedded WLAN”. Since Motorola has no other tablets up the sleeve, it has to be the XOOM. But the difference between this XOOM tablet and the one discovered on Monday is that this version lacks any description or mention of a 3G radio. If that’s the case, this could be the WiFi-only XOOM that we’ve been waiting for (it should be cheaper than the 3G model since it has no extra 3G radios and no data plan to go along with the device). With both tablets recently passing through the FCC, it should mean that we’ll be seeing the dual-core Android tablet hitting the shelves pretty soon.

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