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If you’ve been planning to purchase an Android-powered device this year, one of the things that you’ve probably been worried about is whether your phone will be eligible for updates or not. In case you’re too lazy to do all the dirty work, the statistics have already been released, giving us an idea of which manufacturers and carriers are the quickest to offer Google’s Android 2.2 Froyo update. In case you’re too lazy to read through the whole thing, the bottom line is that Verizon and HTC more or less come out tops.

The stats show that HTC has released the Froyo update for half of its eligible phones in 2010 while competitors such as Motorola and Samsung only managed to update 15.4 and 11.1 percent of their devices. Other bits of disappointing news include news that Dell, LG and Sony did not push any Froyo updates out.

On the carrier front, AT&T drew a blank with no Froyo upgrades, and Verizon had the best track record, updating about 33.3 percent of the eligible Android phones. If you want to do your own analysis of the situation, you can go through the bunch of data, and hopefully it’ll help you make an informed buying decision when the time comes.

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