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HTC FreestyleThe HTC Freestyle phone that HTC recently filed to trademark was revealed at CES last week. This AT&T-bound phone is an entry level device that acts as a stepping for users looking to upgrade from a feature phone to a smartphone but don’t want anything too complex. The HTC Freestyle will run the Brew MP operating system instead of Android or Windows Phone 7, but it comes with the HTC Sense UI on top of it, so those for people who have been using HTC Sense on Android or Windows Mobile should feel right at home with it. The HTC is built very well, like a solid high end phone. With a removable battery, a 3.2 megapixel camera and a (supposedly) low price, the phone isn’t looking to outdo its competitors, but it might open up a niche market for more similar phones. What do you think of the HTC Freestyle? Watch a video demonstration of it after the break:

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