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Password KeeperIf you have trouble remembering your passwords for the multitude of different accounts you have, Password Keeper might be the app just for you. Password Keeper is an app for Windows Phone 7 that allows you to securely store all your passwords and credit card info on your phone. All you have to do is remember one master password to gain access to all of them. Because it’s a good idea to have a different password for each account you have, by using Password Keeper you can leave the remembering to your phone. In addition to just storing your passwords, you can directly log into a website from the app itself, which is a big help considering how WP7 doesn’t have copy and paste and multitasking yet- you don’t have to close the app just to run your phone’s browser. The phone also gives you the option to enable additional passwords for increased security. Password Keeper is now available for $0.99 from the Windows Marketplace. Watch a video of it in action after the break:

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