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EavesdroppingHow secure do you think your phone calls are over your mobile phone? If you answered “not very” then you’re right. Some researchers at the Security Researcher Labs recently gave a demonstration at a conference in Berlin about a very simple hack that can be completed in a matter of seconds. All they needed was a $15 dollar Motorola phone, modified with their own custom firmware and a USB port to connect the phone to a laptop and some programs with a whole collection on encryption keys (2TB worth) and they were able to record a conversation that was going on between two people on the phone. Granted, not everybody has the skills or knowledge on how to use such technology to snoop on phone calls, but knowing that such a method exists is enough to make someone think twice before discussing confidential topics over a regular GSM phone call. Let’s hope carriers rectify the problem before somebody finds a way to simplify the whole process into something anybody can do. Head here for a more in-depth explanation to the whole process.

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