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Intel logoAccording to some recent reports, Intel might be dipping its toes into the smartphone market in the coming months. Bloomberg reports that the chip manufacturer has struck a deal with ZTE to produce some new phones together. Intel will be designing the devices that will run on a version of their Atom microprocessor. The phone is said to go on sale in China and it hasn’t been made known if we’ll see the phones on this side of the world. No word on what operating system will be running on the phones either, so the question is still up in the air. Despite Intel’s dominance in the PC market, they haven’t been able to make any headway in the smartphone sector due to their processors being power hungry and the current mobile operating systems designed to run on ARM chips. As usual, take this rumor with a pinch of salt, but if things do turn out to be official, expect Intel and/or ZTE to speak up soon.


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