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Research In Motion (RIM) did announce recently that they will be rolling out a couple of new BlackBerry 10-powered smartphones next year, so it goes without saying that production of these smartphones ought to have kicked off already. After all, it would be folly to see the BlackBerry 10 smartphone release date draw so near, and yet not a single device has yet to roll off the production line, no? It is said that production for these BlackBerry 10 smartphones will kick off in Taiwan as the handset component manufacturers such as Silitech Technology, Ichia Technologies, and ODM Wistron step up to the task.

It is said that these component manufacturers will start to kick off small volume production of BlackBerry 10 phones from December onwards, and there are whispers going around that the handset suppliers themselves remain cautious on building up components for BlackBerry devices – for obvious reasons, really. After all, BlackBerry smartphones aren’t exactly doing too well in the worldwide market at this point in time, but hopefully BlackBerry 10 will help pull them back into contention.

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