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There has been a lot of talk that suggests that the next-generation iPad, better known as the iPad 3, would feature Apple’s new A6 quad-core processor alongside LTE connectivity. Thanks to a spyshot (pictured above), a quad-core LTE capable iPad 3 could very well turn out to be true. The screenshot is courtesy of BGR (more screenshots available over there) who received it from a tipster. It basically shows a screenshot from a development tool called iBoot which provides information on a device’s internal specifications.

What led most to conclude that this is the iPad 3 were its code names – J1 and J2, both of which were previously referenced in the iOS code and were thought to refer to Apple’s next-generation iPad. J1 and J2 refer to different models, with the J1 referring to the WiFi-only model, while the J2 model seems to boast both WiFi and GSM/CDMA/LTE connectivity options that should make the iPad 3 compatible with carriers all over the world.

As much as we’d like to believe that the next-gen iPad will be a quad-core beast with LTE connectivity, Apple has proven over and over again that rumors and purported leaks tend not to come true when it comes to the official revealing, so we’d suggest you take this piece of news with a grain of salt for now, at least until the iPad 3 has been revealed which is expected to be some time in March/April 2012.

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