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With the Mango update for Windows Phone 7 not even seeing a public release yet, there has been talks about the next two updates for Windows Phone 7. To be more specific, there has been talk abut Apollo and Tango, both of which are speculated to be Windows Phone 7 updates for the future.

According to those who attended Microsoft’s conference, it appears that Microsoft employees have confirmed those future updates. Tango is apparently not a major update, and instead that particular version of Windows Phone 7 is targeted at countries such as China, India and developing countries, with Tango handsets expected to come at a more affordable price.

As far as Apollo is concerned, there has been no confirmation but some are speculating that Apollo will be a major update, possibly bringing Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8. So what do you guys think? Will a budget Windows Phone 7 help to attract consumers in developing countries?

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