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HTC HD2 Android

The HD2 is one of HTC’s most popular Windows Mobile 6.5 phones and it continues being a fan favorite especially amongst those who refuse to shell out more money for the HD 7 when it’s almost the same phone. Most of these HD2 fans have gone the Android way and loaded up Google’s mobile operating system onto their phone. Previously, users had to load up Android manually, but now thanks to a bunch of developers who call themselves Dark Forces Team, the HD2 can now boot directly into Android using MAGLDR 1.09. It allows Android builds to be flashed directly to NAND ROM – the memory where the stock Windows Mobile usually resides. The program will be released publicly in the next few days, so expect a lot more HTC HD2 phones running Android in the near future. Dark Forces Team is also the team behind porting Windows Phone 7 to the HD2, so expect a similar loader for WP7 in the future. How many of you are running Android on a non-Android phone?

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